Rex rears his ugly head again


The not-really-so-ugly Rex Harrison with the dashed lovely Peggy Cummins in ESCAPE. A few quotes/paraphrases from my telephonic chat with P.C. can be read in this week’s edition of The Forgotten (so soon!) over at The Notebook, care of MUBI. Peggy is unfailingly discrete, so expect no salacious gossip or shocking revelations, but there are some good jokes.

5 Responses to “Rex rears his ugly head again”

  1. Gorgeous image! Thanks for sharing! Heading over to read your chat with Peggy now…

  2. “Who’s Who of Whos” – hoo boy.

  3. Hi David, Afraid that it was Richard Hurndall who played Hartnell’s version of the Doctor in the 25th anniversary get-together. Maurice had the bad luck to appear in one of Colin Baker’s poorer outings.

  4. AH, OK. As long as he did play the part, I’m not entirely crazy.

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