Scanty Shanties


Limerwrecks just came back from sabbatical

With a section that’s Blackbeard-fanatical

It’s dotted with rhymes

About nautical crimes

In a text you’ll say smacks of piratical.

We had some pirate-based limericks at Limerwrecks, and you can read them all by following this link. Rated Arrh!

7 Responses to “Scanty Shanties”

  1. Limericks ahoy!

  2. My favorite bit in “Crimson Pirate” is Lancaster approaching the villain in drag, smiling with absolute assurance this is working.

    And it is, after a fashion. Villain asides to somebody the local girls aren’t anything to write home about.

  3. Though the movie is pretty shoddy by Siodmak’s standards, it’s a lot of fun. Probably best to see it as a kid, though.

  4. Speaking of Siomak’s standards I recently caught up with The Great Sinner, his adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s “The Gambler” with a screenplay by Christopher Isherwood and Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck and Melvyn Douglas in the leading roles. Astonishing. Ava is gobsmackingly gorgeous as always but she gives a truly great performance as well.

  5. He more or less discovered her in The Killers… I like The Great Sinner, it’s bloated and unewieldy and apparently a fragment of its original four-hour form (an out-of-control prestige production which Siodmak tried in vain to rein in) but still beautiful and even dynamic in places.

  6. Four hours? How Rivetteian.

  7. It might’ve been intolerable, but then again, it might’ve been great!

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