Percy’s Progress


As promised, some more on character player/atrocity Percy Helton, at The Chiseler.

Contrary to appearances, I do like Percy H. I always perk up when his shiny bulb hoves into view.

Remember, there’s Pert Kelton and Percy Helton and never the twain shall meet.


8 Responses to “Percy’s Progress”

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  2. I was thinking Helton was someone I saw a lot of in my childhood on television, and his IMDB CV confirms it.

  3. Charles W. Callahan Says:

    Percy always gave me the creeps. That voice. Sheesh!

  4. It seems he was a child actor, which explains some of his creepiness: he was probably cute once, and thinks he still is.

  5. John Müller Says:

    Maybe you can solve a mystery: Helton received a featured credit in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but only appears for a brief moment as a coach driver, blink and you miss him. Obviously something was left on the cutting room floor, but what?

  6. He could play tiny one-line roles — if it were a speaking part, however small, he’s the kind of actor who might do it. Look at the Mandom commercial!

  7. Just saw him in Cukor’s soapy meller A Life of Her Own (which is not great, merely okay). I always get Percy confused with John Fiedler (the voice of Piglet). I’d also love to meet the love child of Percy Helton and Pert Kelton, if they’re still alive (I have it on good authority Helton and Kelton had a late-in-life fling when working together on The Music Man).

  8. Alas, Felton Kelton-Helton perished in the Great Nonsense of 1987.

    A Life of Her Own, or as I call it, Ann Dvorak Goes Out the Window Again. And takes the movie with her.

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