One of those days…


…when posting just feels like keeping the blog going rather than having anything to say. So why say anything? Here is a photo of David Hemmings as a tiny bee.

Interactive bit: use the “Search” function to the right on the main page (scroll down) to look up your favourite movie, person or thing, and read an old post about it. Then leave a comment. I like it when old posts come back to life. Further down is a “Recent Comments” bit where you can see if any other old posts have attracted comments, and join in. Blog archaeology! “Let’s revisit the scenes of our youth,” as Louis Jourdan is always saying.

12 Responses to “One of those days…”

  1. Louis Jourdan is still with us, BTW.

  2. Yes. I don’t know what condition he’s in. As long as nobody reminds him about Year of the Comet…

  3. He’s “resting comfortably” I gather.

  4. At your suggestion, I’ve gone back in time to provide an aura-shattering translation.

  5. I always feel slightly odd about commenting on an old blog post. I’ll do it, if sufficiently excited, but it feels a bit like interjecting a witty comment into a conversation over dinner, ten minutes after the topic of conversation has moved on.

  6. David Boxwell Says:

    You just think you’ve exhausted Terrifying Cinema Glory, but “search” revealed nothing on Zarah Leander, just seen (on Youtube) in her (and the Third Reich’s) biggest hit: Die Grosse Liebe (1942). Stukkas and stagegirls! And bonus Nazi Bromance!

  7. And, it is suggested, SS officers doubling as chorus girls. I don’t quite know why the war would cause a shortage of chorus girls (Hitler would let children fight, but not women) but apparently they needed really tall ones, or something. Maybe it’s an urban legend, but it’s an enticing one.

  8. As to commenting on old blog posts and backtracking dinner convos, BOTH those things should be done way more often! Be without shame!

  9. John Müller Says:

    But my favorite movie isn’t listed. If there is ever an entry for Joseph Sargent’s Colossus: The Forbin Project, I’d be delight to leave a thought or two…

  10. Haven’t seen it in years, and never in the correct aspect ratio. That would be a pleasure to look at again! I also really like Sargent’s The Taking of Pelham 123 but have never been sure if there’s an artistic personality at work of just some very skilled craftsmanship. Both scripts are certainly excellent.

  11. I was going to comment on this, but words failed me.

  12. Yes, not much needs saying, there.

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