Methot-heads and Bacall Girls


Over at The Chiseler, Phoebe “La Faustin” Green and I examine the persona of an actress so archetypally pre-code in her hard-bitten appeal that it’s impossible to believe she hasn’t been “chiselled” before. The first Mrs. Bogart, Mayo Methot.

A stray thought I forgot to include — I can visualize a Darwinian chart of pre-code women, featuring, instead of Neanderthal, Cro-magnon and Homo sapiens, a line up with Methot on the left, Una Merkel in the middle and Pert Kelton at the right, walking erect. But that’s just me.

6 Responses to “Methot-heads and Bacall Girls”

  1. I love her in Marked Woman. And in Wyler’s great Counselor-at-Law she and Thelma Todd pop into John Barrymore’s massive (expensive) legal office as gold-diggers filing “breach of promise” lawsuits at the same time. They’re in the same scene but as each are busy chatting with reporters they have no dialogue with each other.

  2. High time I re-watched Counseor-at-Law, I love it. So rich. The thought of Methot and Todd sharing screen time is delirium to me!

  3. Charles W. Callahan Says:

    She was the third Mrs. Bogart

  4. Good Lord, you’re right. He had a quick turnover on the previous two, didn’t he?

  5. Did they get over the Humph, I wonder?

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