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Wordsworth Donisthorpe

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“I just like the sound of it!” as Jack Nicholson says in BATMAN. Try it yourself: one Wordsworth Donisthorpe before breakfast. You’ll always sound precocious.

I have invented a lie about Wordsworth Donisthorpe. Now read on.

I learned of Wordsworth Donisthorpe in Bologna from Mark Fuller, who knows his early cinema. Wordsworth Donisthorpe was a film pioneer, but he was so busy with being a renaisance man that he couldn’t put in the hours that might have nudged him ahead of the Edisons and Lumieres. But in 1876 he tried to patent a “kinesigraph” and successfully filmed some traffic in 1890.

All that survives of Wordsworth Donisthorpe’s street scene are a few frames, which you can view here. So, my lie is that we can say that Wordsworth Donisthorpe invented the GIF.

The Great Art of Light and Shadow: Archaeology of the Cinema (Exeter Studies in Film History)