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Sleep Big

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“Being old is like being in a war,” wrote Kurosawa’s AD, Teruyo Nogami. “Each week brings casualty reports.” So, a day after discovering that we had to live in a world without Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall passes away.

The death of an old person isn’t supposed to be tragic, but if you asked the old person you might get a different view. At any rate, though I try not to turn Shadowplay into an obituary column, because deciding who to honour and who to ignore feels kind of obscene, like the role call of the dead at the Oscars, where the applause-o-meter measures the stock of the departed.

The reason Bacall seems impossible to ignore is that she was perhaps the last truly iconic star of the forties. She started young, and lived a long time, (Still Here, reads the title of her autobiography) and so it seemed like she’d always be with us.


Which, of course, she will.