Joan Blogney


Joan Blogney as Roseer.

Daniel Riccuito started this by hitting pause during a Warners credits sequence as the screen wiped from James Cagney to Madge Bellamy. Above, Cagney yields to Joan Blondell. I made a set of these and Daniel has posted them at The Chiseler, where you can go feast your eyes off. Here.

6 Responses to “Joan Blogney”

  1. Stephen H Says:

    Dorotsy is terrifying!

  2. OMG.

    Cinematic origami, an infinite series of movies folding within movies.

    Is this the door to HEAVEN or to HELL?

  3. Each image comes from only one movie, and is a genuine frame, unmanipulated in any way.

    It’s like Warners, who would recycle scenarios by pasting the front half of one onto the back of another, started doing the same with their stars.

  4. Lil Wouncer sounds like an insult, but perhaps an affectionate one.

  5. Freeze-frame at the right time and you not only find a portal into another movie, but another Hollywood/universe.

  6. It’s Hardie Aalbot’s world, we just live in it!

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