New from Masters of Cinema.

TOO LATE BLUES, the second film of John Cassavetes, has a video intro by me.

IF…. has a text essay in the booklet as well as an interview with Brian Pettifer, one of the film’s dazzling discoveries, conducted by me.

HAROLD AND MAUDE has another video intro.

Strange seeing myself on video on a commercially available DVD. Even stranger seeing my name as an item on the menu. DAVID CAIRNS — that’s all it says. Click here for some David Cairns.

Thanks to Brian, to Colin McLaren for the use of the flat and the excellent spaghetti and to Alberto and Lukasz and Anna and Mario for recording my blatherings. Thanks to MoC for the gigs in the first place.

Now you should buy at least one of them!

If…. (Masters of Cinema) [Blu-ray] [1968]

Harold And Maude (Masters of Cinema) (Blu-ray) [1971]

Too Late Blues (Masters of Cinema) (Dual Format Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD] [1961]

9 Responses to “New”

  1. Very cool. Coolest of all of course is —

  2. Larry Kramer had an affair with Richard Warwick when he was England for the making of Women in Love. Warwick died fairly early on in the course of the epidemic. Larry is still with us.

  3. Poor RW had a precipitous and unexplained fall from leading man roles to virtually extra work. According to Brian Pettifer he was already disaffected with movies in 1968!

    Lester: “The Bed Sitting Room has been DECIMATED.” He views with dismay the way his movies are progressively more populated by phantoms.

  4. Well Tush is still with us, bless her.

  5. And Jack Shepherd, the Underwater Vicar — a role originally planned for Peter Sellers until Lester realized how crazy his old friend had become.

  6. Imdb said the failure of “The Breaking of Bumbo” was RW’s undoing. I haven’t seen it but I imagine the timing was wrong for something a bit military. Spookily I found the novel on a bottom shelf in a spare room a couple of days ago.

  7. It’s certainly a film that died a quick death. The documentary series Hollywood UK seemed to hold it up as an example of the kind of badly-made thing with no audience which helped destroy the British cinema boom of the sixties.

  8. And there you are on Criterion’s magnificent-looking Tati box set as well.

  9. Yep! Still working on that one. Should be a lovely set though.

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