A Day Late


I am SO disorganized right now. Thus I posted about Italian compendium films yesterday when I should have been linking to The Forgotten, and I totally forgot to have an intertitle on Sunday. That’s what comes of attending two film festivals back to back, I guess.

Anyhow, here is The Forgotten, inspired by a couple of screenings at EIFF, and meeting the delightful Jack Gold, whose saucy screen credit appears above.

7 Responses to “A Day Late”

  1. What a coincidence. I watched the first hour of Gold’s terribly unsubtle and uncinematic THE MEDUSA TOUCH last night. Bad but, mainly because of THAT cast, good.

  2. He’s not somebody who could elevate bad material — he tends to bring out the worst in it, if anything. With a good script, he goes in swinging and you get plenty of vigour.

    The Medusa Touch is hilariously awful. I well recall the sight of a colossal bell from Westminster Cathedal bouncing off some unlucky priest. Bouncing! That guy must’ve had considerable density of muscle.

  3. Aw, don’t spoil my fun! I only got up to the bit where Burton whimsically wills WTC-style woe.

  4. The bit with the runaway car… unless I’ve imagined it… is ludicrous. The kind of thing where you need a Bavaesque stylist.

  5. My favorite Jack Gold:

  6. Not Aces High?

  7. […] to say nice things about Gold. (I met Gold, only last year, when Edinburgh Film Fest screened THE RECKONING. He was very sweet, very sharp, and seemingly in the best of health.) Fiona, on the other hand, DID […]

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