Steele yourself


Daniel Riccuito’s article on Beautiful Babs, which I had a tiny frozen hand in, has a new home, at MUBI. Here. Substantially reworked from the version that appeared at The Chiseler, and so worth your time revisiting.

Festival burnout struck me on Wednesday and I fell asleep during Heinosuke Gosho’s gentle comedy THE BRIDE TALKS IN HER SLEEP (1933) — I have never fallen aslep in a movie in my life, but my usual nocturnal insomnia and the warmth of the venue had me slipping into Morpheus’ embrace the instant the lights dimmed. So since then I’ve been aiming myself at the kind of stuff that keeps you awake — Freda’s THE HORRIBLE SECRET OF DR HICHCOCK, Pabst’s Hitler film THE LAST ACT, the restored LADY FROM SHANGHAI. And an early night tonight.

6 Responses to “Steele yourself”

  1. Nice piece by Riccuito but I’m surprised he deals with Black Sunday alone, and doesn’t contrast it with such other major Steele performances-cum-apparitions as 8 1/2, Young Torless, Pretty Baby, Piranha, Caged Heat and above all L’Amarta Baracleone.

  2. The concentration is on the Italian horror roles, so not even Pit and the Pendulum gets covered. They form a remarkably unified body of work, with Beautiful Babs as semi-auteur.

  3. I still remember (though not very well) an anecdote of a humanities professor of mine back in the ’90s who recounted how embarrassed he was to fall asleep during a production of “Macbeth”. Understandable, as he’d only just arrived in the UK, was worn out and jet-lagged–he made it sound like running to see the play was practically the first thing he did once he was off the plane–but still, “Macbeth”, and he was mortified.

    I’ve never fallen asleep during any film (or play or opera) at a theater, but I’ve passed out many times at home…

  4. This has been my very first — I can’t usually sleep even in bed!

  5. In the days of the second run theatre double-bill, I once fell asleep during LEGEND, waking up in the middle of SHOGUN ASSASSIN 3. Must have been all that fairy dust.

  6. Sounds like an exciting segue!

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