A Most Wanted Man still 2

The melancholy joy of one more Philip Seymour Hoffman performance. Here.

And now I say goodbye to Edinburgh and hello Bologna, as I attend the Cinema Ritrovato for the first time. As a newbie and an incompetent, I have mistakenly booked a hotel miles from the festival, so if anyone reading this would like to offer me a night or two’s accommodation closer to the hub, LET ME KNOW!

7 Responses to “Hamburgers”

  1. Hoffman was a great and multi-faceted actor (though from the looks of this trailer only half a facet was involved) I met and talked with him several times. he was exceptionally pleasant and funny. But that only goes to show that when it comes to actors you never know what’s really going on — especially when they’re junkies.

    In his last days he was running around buying heroin off the street in enormous amounts. it’s very cheap these days — and I suspect “cut” with all manner of dangerous crap. Add to that the new, perfectly legal and extremely dangerous drugs that have been proscribed to ever-so-many actors and you’ve got a situation that’s WAY out of control.

  2. A multi-faceted person as well as actor — so many compartments with different stuff going on, obviously. And a much-loved person.

  3. Yay, I see that Natan is playing the SF Jewish Film Festival, 7/29 and 8/1. And one of the showings is two blocks from my workplace. Boo, I’ll be in Portland, Oregon then.

  4. Doh! Well, we might manage to arrange a Portland screening by the time you’re back in Frisco, if that’s any help. Anyhow, tell your friends!

  5. I will. But jeez, it’s like this screening was aimed right at me. Even the time is perfect. I could have stepped out and had a film-historical lunch break.

  6. Say hello to Bologna for me.

  7. Hello, Bologna! Reschedule Portland!

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