5 Responses to “Things I Bought in Toronto”

  1. Carlos was a friend of mine, lost like far too many others to AIDS (Now on my mind more tat ever with The Normal Heart coming up). Agnes captured his spirit perfectly in Lions Love (one of her best and most underrated works) His book is a gem.

    I love that still too. Looks to be from some alternate version of Island of Lost Souls

  2. It’s apparently another version of Balaoo the Demon Baboon. The earliest version is part of my Gifford Quest, but exists only in fragmentary form. The last version was Dr Renault’s Secret with J Carroll Naish as the monkeyman. It’s rather enjoyable!

    Tragic about CC. I wondered if that might be the case, as I knew he wasn’t around anymore. His book is terrific.

  3. wot no Ist editions of Anne Of Green Gables? :) sounds like a fab haul…

  4. Lawrence Chadbourne Says:

    David C: Thanks for the bookstore tips, I’m going to be there 2 days in August, sounds like despite the foot problem you had a good time.
    David E: I knew Carlos Clarens as well, I was told the official cause of his death was asthma, It was sudden and shocking.

  5. Monkey’s Paw is a good bookstore also. BMV for bargains though!

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