Jack Hill’s corruscating PIT STOP reviewed by moi over at Electric Sheep. Confession: I have never seen Hill’s vaunted blaxploitation films. What’s the best?

11 Responses to “Crash!”

  1. Hill is most (in)famous for Spider Baby

  2. Poor Dick Davalos.

  3. What’s his story?

    I reviewed Spider Baby earier for Electric Sheep:
    It’s sensational: and despite genre differences, very much of a piece with Pit Stop.

  4. That’s for sure. He’s excellent in Pit Stop, but there aren’t enough roles for intense, nasty leading men. Ray Liotta Syndrome.

  5. The only one of Hill’s blaxploitation films I’ve seen is Coffy and I think it’s great! Although not blaxploitation, Hill’s The Big Bird Cage also featuring Pam Grier and Sid Haig is a lot of fun as well.

  6. Ah… Philippines-shot women in prison flicks are a barrel whose bottom I have yet to scrape. Probably high time I did, see what I’ve been missing.

  7. Well, BBC is appropriately seamy in parts as I recall, but it’s probably not even close to the bottom of the barrel of WIP flicks, it’s too intentionally ridiculous to come across as completely sleazy. Of course, one’s mileage may vary.

  8. Oh, it’s probably the Citizen Kane of Philippines WiP films!

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