Red Squares



While capitalism at its worst seeks to degrade humanity to its lowest level, communism at its worst seeks to annihilate it altogether — the ideals it aspires to have no room for individuality, and this shows in the propaganda cinema. I find even Eisenstein hard to get on with, despite the stunning technique.

Over at the Notebook, this fortnight’s edition of The Forgotten deals with a movie that exemplifies the inhuman beauty of soviet cinema — it’s colourful enough to be fun, despite the gruelling subject and chipboard¬†characterisation. There’s a video clip too, which will knock your eye out. RUSSIAN PIONEERS is a ferociously stylised movie — even when forced to shoot on location, at a train station, it freezes the extras like subjects in a painting, and abstracts the background with a haze of smoke and steam, rendered opaque by a colossal lightblast, as if God was yawning in our collective face (it’s the USSR, so we all have a collective face).


2 Responses to “Red Squares”

  1. Extraordinary, isn’t it? And it remains watchable even when the content looks thin and preachy, because the stylistic brio is just UNSTOPPABLE.

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