Written in Blood

Final poster for Brussels

Trailer for new horror movie, LET US PREY.

The movie was written by Fiona & I and Rae Brunton (OUTPOST). If you like high intensity situations, creative violence and creative swearing, this movie is for you, We disclaim all responsibility for the title — Fiona & I wrote about a dozen drafts over the years, all of which were called CELL 6. But you can’t win every battle.

We have seen an edit of the movie and, though as writers (especially ones who have directed), we were always going to have quibbles, we can attest that Brian O’Malley has directed the hell out of it, and his cast, including Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones), Pollyanna Mackintosh (THE WOMAN) and Niall Greig Fulton (NATAN) have all done excellent work. It’s scary, intense, funny in places, and looks massive. (It wasn’t.) And the cinematography by Piers McGrail is stunning.

It’s also EXTREMELY violent and so persons of a squeamish disposition are advised not to look at the following trailer AT ALL. I give it a Force Ten Gore Warning. We wrote a sensationally horrific script, then were told to make it approximately three times more horrific, then Rae made it horrificer still, then it was filmed and I think got a bit viler yet again. Niall, after acting in it, said “This might be not just the nastiest thing I’ve been in, but the nastiest thing I’ve SEEN.” And Niall has seen everything.

Also — the trailer contains what could be described as heavy spoilers — you can’t tell what the film’s about, but you’ll see the death scenes of major characters. Since you don’t know any of the characters yet arguably they’re not quite spoilers — they only spoil things if you remember all these images of mayhem when you watch the film, which may not happen for months. Viewer discretion.

OK, if there’ anyone left, proceed. But… well… we warned you!

The movie has its premiere tomorrow at Brussels International Fantasy Film Festival. Mr O’Malley and Mr Cunningham will be in attendance.


11 Responses to “Written in Blood”

  1. Very intense. Dennis Cooper will LOVE it.

  2. Actually, yes, might be up Dennis’s alley. And YAY, Norman Lloyd!

  3. Here’s the announcement on Twitch: http://twitchfilm.com/2014/04/let-us-prey-check-the-pulse-pounding-teaser-for-new-irish-horror.html

    They say: “Well now, you do have to love a teaser that knows how to get in, make an impression, and get out again leaving everybody wanting more … “

  4. That’s nice! I expect there’ll be a longer trailer with more story along in a bit, but this one will get the gorehounds in.

  5. You successfully scared me away, David. I appreciate the warning.

  6. Oh, you wouldn’t have dug it. AT ALL. As Dirk Bogarde once lamented, “Where the shit’s Irene Dunne?”

  7. I’m sensing a Carpenter influence in the synopsis.

  8. We definitely started with Assault on Precinct 13, but also Went the Day Well? You can guess which one fell by the wayside…

  9. Aha, Belgian award in the bag! Congrats!

  10. I am astonished. Dismayed, even!

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