In 1951 Lou Breslow made a film. What happened next will shock you.


A very special, or “special” edition of The Forgotten this week. Even the mammoths look embossed. See for yourself.


10 Responses to “In 1951 Lou Breslow made a film. What happened next will shock you.”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    This movie has a hybrid “humanimal,” but Phil Tucker’s ROBOT MONSTER (53) is even better because it has hybrid robot-man (“Ro-man”).

    The 50s were totally wacked!

  2. But which would win in a fight, the gorilla with the space helmet, or the girl with the horse hat?

  3. You could sell tickets to finding out, but I think you’d be arrested for the advertising alone.

  4. A Matter of Life and WOOF

  5. Hey cool, God’s black!

  6. Well, the lion isn’t quite God. And he’s uncredited, both the lion and the voice artist, which is a shame.


  7. Jon Auman Says:

    Is a reason ever given for why the racehorse has a Southern accent?

  8. Just that the horse was from the South.

  9. Larry Breslow Says:

    LOU BRESLOW’S son Larry, says all of the above is nonsense

  10. Very glad to hear from you! What exactly is nonsense though? I wrote what I thought was a humorous appreciation of a very bizarre, imaginative movie. I’m not aware of having said anything inaccurate. Of course the IMDb’s brief glitch is now fixed and your father’s impressive cv can now be seen by all (My Favourite Spy was a favourite of mine as a kid).

    It certainly was not my intention to offend or upset, so please let me know if there’s anything I should correct.

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