At the excellent Silent London, (and entertaining and informative silent cinema blog for all kinds of people, not just cockneys) they have a series of top tens, to which I have contributed an edition — my personal top ten most hankered-after lost films.


4 Responses to ““10””

  1. I’m betting that Ozu saw Sternberg’s The Drag Net and references it in his Dragnet Girl

  2. It seems likely, doesn’t it? The film feels quite Sternbergian.

  3. Great list. Sticking with Germans in Hollywood, I’d also love to see Paul Leni’s Charlie Chan movie, The Chinese Parrot.

  4. Starring Sojin! Yes, I bet that was good fun. Probably lightweight, but all Leni’s stuff was rich in style. I tend to like him best in a more serious vein, as with The Man Who Laughs.

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