The Groundhog Day Intertitle: No Man Can Resist Evil



The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Pestilence, Death and Taxes.

See, I was so busy filling out my tax return… you know how you’re having a great time and you forget what time it is? Well, that didn’t happen, but by the time I was finished (with interruptions caused by the Royal Bank of Scotland going offline when I was halfway thru) I realized that I had MISSED a special screening of Murnau’s FAUST (pictured) with live music.

So, as I was saying: WAAAAAUUUUUGHHH!

This post is expanded from a Facebook update based on a true story inspired by a film based on a German legend (Trad).


“No man can resist evil. The bet is on!”

No energy for anything more today. Or time! If I try to add up the number of things I have to do this week, by the time I’m finished adding I won’t have time to do them. But tune in tomorrow for “Things I Read Off the Screen in CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD.”

And yes, RIP Max Schell, PS Hoffman, Eduardo Coutinho.

6 Responses to “The Groundhog Day Intertitle: No Man Can Resist Evil”

  1. A late film I’ve still to watch. It’ll be doubly melancholic now.

  2. John Seal Says:

    Was that an Evelyn WAAAAAUGH, or an Auberon WAAAAAUGH?

  3. I have this really sweet deal with Satan where he does my taxes.

  4. That DOES sound good. My immortal soul? Sure, just take this form away with it and see they get it on time.

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