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The Groundhog Day Intertitle: No Man Can Resist Evil

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The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War, Pestilence, Death and Taxes.

See, I was so busy filling out my tax return… you know how you’re having a great time and you forget what time it is? Well, that didn’t happen, but by the time I was finished (with interruptions caused by the Royal Bank of Scotland going offline when I was halfway thru) I realized that I had MISSED a special screening of Murnau’s FAUST (pictured) with live music.

So, as I was saying: WAAAAAUUUUUGHHH!

This post is expanded from a Facebook update based on a true story inspired by a film based on a German legend (Trad).


“No man can resist evil. The bet is on!”

No energy for anything more today. Or time! If I try to add up the number of things I have to do this week, by the time I’m finished adding I won’t have time to do them. But tune in tomorrow for “Things I Read Off the Screen in CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD.”

And yes, RIP Max Schell, PS Hoffman, Eduardo Coutinho.