Great screening in the a.m. Thursday here at Rotterdam International Film Festival. NATAN was double-featured with MONSIEUR X, which is a similar funny length and is a documentary about Leos Carax. Carax doesn’t appear in it in any new footage, and so it’s left to his collaborators and admirers to talk about his work amid generous film clips and atmospheric silhouettes evoking the auteur’s dangling-cigarette legend. It pairs up well with our movie, I think. The filmmaker was M.I.A. so I got the q&a to myself.

Hung out a bit with Danny Kasman of MUBI before the show.

As everyone says, Rotterdam International Film Festival is a cool and friendly place. I’m not good at cool and friendly places, without some sort of excuse to start conversations, so after the screening I kind of wandered around in an alienated state afterwards taking pictures of the more bleak parts of Dutch cinemas —



But then I had the good fortune to opt for the Scopitone Cafe, a free event screening music-themed documentaries and serving beer in a very lovely room —


And I made a good contact for a current project but also saw THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC, a delightful portrait of Chris Strachwitz, who records, releases and ENJOYS American “down home” music.

Afterwards, my photographs were more like THIS —


3 Responses to “Rotterdammerung”

  1. Sorry, but I prefer Mouse Music

  2. Thanks so much for your post! Such a wonderful visceral way of expressing what the power of No Mouse music has and how sometimes films need to lift us up not just tell us about the trials of the world! Maureen Gosling and Chris Simon, the filmmakers

  3. Truly, it was my pleasure! Thanks for dropping by here.

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