Life in the Twenty-First Century

Amazing trailer for movie by Bernard Knowles, who was a cinematographer for Hitchcock and ended his career “co-directing” with the Beatles on their Magical Mystery Tour TV movie. More on him soon.

Crazy rhythm, freeze-frames, effulgent acting (Wee John Cairney goes CHOP!) and Bill Williams as the ludicrously named “Captain Mead Ralston.” The kind of name Brits think all Americans have. Also, there’s a tiny Mark Lester in there, even before his FAHRENHEIT 451 walk-on. But mostly I love the harebrained way this moves.


“Take a letter.”

Please note — it is set just over a year from now. Aren’t you excited?

6 Responses to “Life in the Twenty-First Century”

  1. Wasn’t John Cairney just super when we met him in Scotch Corner? “So it’s YOUR fault our train was delayed!”

  2. He was really charming! Explanatory note: at Ray Harryhausen’s 90th birthday bash, we would up in a corner with Mr Cairney and his lovely wife, a sort of improvised Scottish ghetto.

  3. Things always go wacky in cramped quarters.

  4. SPACEFLIGHT iC-1 is a miserable Robert L. Lippert rip-off of the marvelous Czech picture IKARIE XB1, right down to the copied title. Can’t recommend IKARIE enough. It even has its own ‘star child’, 5 years before 2001.

  5. Ah, and I’ve had Ikarie sitting around here for absolutely years. Must be time to watch it.

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