Too Much Christmas


Shadowplay is comatose. The Forgotten is abed. But nip over to APOCAYLPSE NOW and be exploded by Scout Tafoya’s deconstruction/destruction of Clive Donner’s crime against biology, physics and photochemistry, HERE WE GO ROUND THE MULBERRY BUSH. No blog post could do justice to the Donner atrocity unless it were written in virgin blood and transmitted not by the internet but through the sewer system, but Scout has, I must say, a pretty good crack at it.

Image from BARABBAS, chosen semi-randomly but it seemed to capture something of my physical/spiritual state.

3 Responses to “Too Much Christmas”

  1. Nice post and blog.

    If there is any chance you like films from around the world from any period please check out my blog.

  2. Just a quick thank you for the post about how F.W. Murnau actually died, I too believed Kenneth Anger’s nonsense. Sorry it took 5 years to thank you and your commenter!

  3. You’re welcome! The golden rule is, never believe anything Anger says unless it’s sourced (unlikely) or corroborated from someone else who didn’t hear it from him.

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