Joyeux Bunuel


Time for our traditional Shadowplay Xmas cards. I thought Luis “Thank God I’m an atheist” Bunuel would make an inspirational subject.

I call this next one “The Holly and the Ivy and the Agony and the Ecstasy,” or “I Saw Santa Whipping Mommy Raw.”


“What’s in the box, Don Luis?” Do not open until Christmas!

bdj (1)

5 Responses to “Joyeux Bunuel”

  1. Love these!!!! My chuckle of the week truly!

  2. More tomorrow!

    David E, in light of your view that Kechiche is in thrall to role model Pialat, it’s interesting that he’s cast an actress, Lea Seydoux, whose mother starred in a Pialat movie. Not that that can be the only reason for his choice — Eydoux, granddaughter of the dude who owns Pathe, has a lot of career momentum right now — and she can act.

  3. David Boxwell Says:

    In “That Obscure Object on Your Wishlist”, Bunuel created a white Father Christmas _and_ a dark-skinned St. Nicholas.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Lea in other films, Honore’s La Belle Personne in particular.

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