People Who Died



11 Responses to “People Who Died”

  1. Tony Williams Says:

    Tom Laughlin of BILLY JACK fame also.

  2. Laughlin finally kicked.

  3. And Eleanor Parker and Audrey Totter just before. A pretty depressing season — this time of year is always tough on old folks, it seems.

  4. One of my Facebook Friends just posted: “Yesterday, my dreams of a Tom Laughlin presidency died.”

  5. So lovely.

  6. If only Obama would take a leaf from Laughlin’s book and set about his opponents with a two-by-four.

  7. Indeed, as for Peter O’Toole. . .

  8. I love The Savage Innocents. I have the rare Masters of Cinema disc with you and Bill Krohn’s commentary. But why did Ray dub O’Toole’s voice?

  9. I don’t think that was his choice. It was his producer’s idea.

  10. Can certainly imagine Ray finding O’Toole fascinating.

  11. The Great Pretender really needs to be on the receiving end of a Billy Jack kick.

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