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The Winter edition of Cineaste has arrived at the Shadowplayhouse. Have you got yours?

Maybe you should — this splendid mag contains an article about pre-code state-of-the-nation address HEROES FOR SALE, written by Daniel (The Chiseler) Riccuito, Tom (If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger…) Sutpen, and yours truly. One of the most pleasant collaborations I’ve experienced, and one we’re all preparing to repeat ASAP.

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12 Responses to “Cineaste”

  1. Pretty thrilling. Is it a spoiler to say here that the archival research panned out in a big way? We followed a hunch that, in addition to pugnacious Leftism seeping into the cracks at the bottom of the Hollywood studio system, there might be evidence of a 30s executive imposing a hard Left agenda from on high. You’ll plotz when you read the memos!! Many, many thanks to Jason Thompson for being our eyes at the Warner Bros. archive in California.

  2. So many important deaths today. First Peter O’Toole, now Joan Fontaine. This is getting really annoying.

  3. And now Fontaine is miraculously resurrected — can O’Toole be far behind? If ever a man was going to pull a Finnegan’s wake, he would be that man.

  4. …and now it seems like the hoax rumour was itself a hoax rumour, and Joan really is dead. That’s even more upsetting.

  5. david wingrove Says:

    Deeply upsetting! Is there anybody out there still alive?

    Well, apart from sister Olivia, but she as we know is indestructible…

  6. Paraphrase: “I got married before Olivia, I got the Oscar before Olivia, and no doubt if I die before Olivia she’ll be livid I got there first.”

  7. I’ve always been repelled by Joan and Olivia — Peter, too. No concrete gripe, just an instinctive aversion.


  9. Beyond great! That’s an interesting set of aversions to have — I guess it could be worse, but it closes off some terrific movies.

  10. Maybe it’s just my allergy to “classic” films… dunno.

  11. Even as a kid they gave me the wim-wams.

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