Low-tech Ick

Low-tech ickiness from a Hong Kong manga adaptation, THE PEACOCK KING (1988). Groovy combination of stop-motion animation and full-scale live-action physical effects. Combinations of different media can sometimes get a little icky in their own way, but I think this is pretty good work. A mixture of performance (the actor moving in jerks to smooth the transition to model animation); camerawork (post-TETSUO spasmocam, like the film itself is having a fit); AMERICAN WEREWOLF type prosthetics, bladder effects etc; and stop motion for when the character becomes definitively non-humanoid — they manage to keep the camera moving even then, though, which is impressive; and maybe there’s even a distorting mirror effect to fake the neck stretching?; and of course the gruesome sound effects help sell it.

Oh, maybe don’t watch over breakfast?

5 Responses to “Low-tech Ick”

  1. TA-DAH!

    Thought it best to get this in early what with the time difference and all.

  2. That’s a Truly Icky clip, btw. It’s the face split in half to for a mouth with razor-sharp teeth that does it for me. YUCK.

  3. Awesomeness!

  4. Thanks! I’ll put up a link to it on the blogathon main page tomorrow! Can’t wait to read it, but am full of lamb shanks and apple crumble so may have to put it off until I’m fully conscious.

  5. Yes. It takes some time to get through as I’ve included numerous embeds and links.

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