Slay Bells


It’s getting to be near that time of year. You know the time I mean. Blogathon time!

And this is our official banner. You can still use the ones I posted earlier, but this is my favourite. It’s seasonal yet alternative, it’s from a late film (John Frankenheimer’s REINDEER GAMES, his last cinema release though not his last gig) and it has, as Sergio Leone is always saying, something to do with death.

Participating blogs should copy the image in, add a link, and then just let me know when they post. All are welcome! it’s a wintry celebration of old age, death, finality and endings. Last films are only rarely best films, but sometimes, as with Frankenheimer’s, they can add some kind of capstone to the careers they culminate.

Am really excited about this year — I rounded up some great contributors. Please don’t be offended if I neglected to hound you — join in anyway and I’ll be sure to hound you next time.

So remember: December 1st – 7th. See you here.

5 Responses to “Slay Bells”

  1. I’m planning to do something on Louis de Funès’s last — also the director’s last film. Not a noble way to go out, but I think I can say a few interesting things nonetheless. If I get the time, I might add in something on Georges Lautner’s last — appropriate since he just passed away.

  2. He did? I missed it! That’s worthy of commemoration. I’d love it if somebody did Carlo Lizzani, who sadly just defenestrated himself, but I don’t know if any of his recent work has made it outside Italy.

  3. Yes, he died last Friday, though his last cinema film was over twenty years ago. I think the death was only reported widely in English yesterday.

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