Monkey Sausages


The screen’s first animated star goes under the Chiseleroscope, in an article by your cat-loving narrator. OTTO-MESMERISM at The Chiseler.

I encountered several unfamiliar Felix films at the Pordenone Festival of Silent Film, hence my interest igniting.


10 Responses to “Monkey Sausages”

  1. Never thought Norman would outlive our hosts. IOW, David E. you might wanna proofread.

  2. Still, I am delighted to make a guest appearance at the Fablog, even if it is from beyond the grave.

    Fiona came down with a nasty chest infection right after the ceremony and was anxious that she might have unknowingly given it to Norman. Enough time has now elapsed for us to be fairly sure we haven’t assassinated the Great Man. So that’s a relief. Norman is a force of nature!

  3. Please excuse the Premature Burial.
    (Now corrected.)

  4. Just saw Mr. Lloyd in a brand spanking new print of Losey’s M. What an amazing ensemble of scenery-chewing character actors! Lloyd himself was restrained, and has a terrific moment with an Oculist’s window.

  5. The rogue’s gallery in that film — including the always-appreciated Glenn Anders — is a dark joy indeed!

  6. Actually, Mickey had a bit of personality before the role model / corporate mascot took root. He was likably boyish and a surprisingly randy little devil around Minnie.

    Felix, meanwhile, had a bent of mind that took a surreal world in stride and often made it more so (in contrast to Koko the Clown, who seemed to be sort of a feral lunatic in his earliest days).

  7. I should see more early Mickey then. Some of those I’ve seen, though not showing his frisky side, did have an intriguing dark edge to them.

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