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The Man Who Knew Too Much Johnson

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Bigger review of TOO MUCH JOHNSON now available over at The Notebook, where I get into the disputed backstory of this fascinating Wellesian artefact. Here.

And Paul Duane, co-director of NATAN, posts his impressions of the awe-inspiring Telluride Film Festival in The Irish Times, here.

My own strongest memory of the affair is not really film-related, but was certainly cinematic — having heard my whole life that if you get away from the light pollution of cities, you can really see the stars, thousands of them, I finally managed to do so, aged 46, pausing in a path in the woods on the way to my mountain retreat, gazing up hypnotized in the cold, thin air, at what looked like a glittering snowfall arrested by camera flash, an infinite array of white sparks, a spatter of pin-pricks, the universe, or as much of it as could fit into my field of vision and my brain. It was a real Spalding Gray “perfect moment,” during which my fear of being set upon and devoured by bears vanished almost entirely.