Dirty Chaney


My Lon Chaney viewing resulted in a screening of his 1928 proto-DIRTY HARRY tough cop flick WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS, which resulted in a Chiseler piece, appropriately enough as the Pordenone Silent Film Festival comes to an end. Here’s a lovely review of NATAN by Silent London, who unlike your correspondent has been tirelessly reviewing her entire day’s viewing as soon as she gets back to her hotel each night. Instead, I’m going to have a heap of writing to do when I finally get back.

4 Responses to “Dirty Chaney”

  1. Ha. Not feeling particularly “tireless” right now. Lovely to meet you and congratulations again on the film.

  2. Thanks! Still in beautiful downtown Pordenone. Fly back tomorrow and then ON TO LYON!

  3. jiminholland Says:

    One of the very least of the many malign effects of the George W Bush administration is that now, whenever I see Lon C’s name, there’s a moment where I think it’s been misspelled.

  4. I wonder what the half-life of THAT effect will be? Several of Bush’s unholy cohorts linger on the scene, but W himself seems banished by his own party to some kind of amnesia-limbo.

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