The Animal Kingdom


An oddity for this week’s edition of The Forgotten: Jean-Claude Carriere channels the spirit of Bunuel into Christian de Chalonge’s daffy psychodrama L’ALLIANCE, a film with both pixillated wit and echoes of, say, PHASE IV… Here.

3 Responses to “The Animal Kingdom”

  1. “Scary music is scarier when you don’t know why it’s there.” You’re absolutely right. Also, happy birthday. Is it? Here’s a little HDS

  2. I find I agree with the both of you, and for that you’re welcome. It specifically reminds me of David and Lisa, where the music is Bernard Herrmann unhinged throughout the movie, and I guess the point is to get inside the character’s heads, but I find myself with much the same effect you seem to have had in this film, but much more detrimentally. It’s hard to pay attention to the delicate quirky love story when the music keeps cuing you that one of the two of them is about to stab the other repeatedly.

    Also, many happy returns, if Mr. Kane has it pegged.

  3. Yes, it’s the birthday. Feels kind of at a distance, since I’m here. I may travel on my birthday more often, thereby avoiding the aging process altogether.

    Speaking of David and Lisa, stand by for more Frank Perry…

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