A Lon Chaney double feature over at The Notebook, with OUTSIDE THE LAW (Tod Browning) and THE MONSTER (Roland West) paired up on a crazy whim. For all that it doesn’t have much story not nearly enough Chaney, the latter film clearly inspired the climax of MYSTERY OF THE WAX MUSEUM, where Fay Wray (above) is strapped to a slab, naked under a sheet, like Gertrude Olmstead before her. It’s a good way to end any movie — can there be any doubt that such a scene would much have improved any film in the career of Ken Loach? And most Mike Leigh joints too.

UK: Lon Chaney: The Warner Archive Classics Collection [DVD] [1930] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

US: Lon Chaney: The Warner Archive Classics Collection (He Who Gets Slapped / Mockery / The Monster / Mr. Wu / The Unholy Three / The Unholy 3)

Meanwhile, at Apocalypse Now, the ’68 Comeback Special continues its journey through the Cannes Film Festival entries for that year looking at the largely forgotten Hungarian film THE UPTHROWN STONE — with no subtitles available, Scout Tafoya has had to assess Sandor Sara’s film using somewhat different criteria, but what he finds is fascinating.

5 Responses to “Monster-out-law”

  1. Agreed that THE MONSTER is let down by the leads, but once they get to the old dark house it’s great fun. Wish there were a decent DVD of THE BAT available.

  2. Clearly a big influence on Tim Burton, both Bat movies should be box-setted and available (with the academy-ration version of The Bat Whispers as an extra).

  3. Both the AR and widescreen versions of THE BAT WHISPERS are (or at least were) available on a nice DVD that I have. Wish THE BAT had been included, because I like it better. (Well, you know, sets by William Cameron Menzies. My weakness.)

  4. David Boxwell Says:

    I would like to see a revival of two-color Technicolor. It makes any bad movie intriguing. After all, we’ve had enough blue. We need more orange and green!

  5. It’s true. I got my framegrab from an unrestored version of Mystery — the Warners DVD has been graded to try and get some blue into it. It looks very nice, but I don’t think it’s authentic.

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