This is pretty lovely. And she does the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN hiss…

11 Responses to “Elsa”

  1. Jenny Eardley Says:

    I recently watched another part of this same show, with Alain Delon, he was less scary than I expected and eager to please though I don’t think he liked the questions.

  2. It’s funny how good Cavett looks when the interview’s going well and how silly he can seem when there’s a mismatch. I find the Godard interview cringe-worthy in a way I can’t quite put my finger on. But the Welles is LOVELY.

  3. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Yes, the Welles is great fun, he also seems to feel in safe territory with the Ingmar Bergman/Bibi Andersson. I’ll have to catch the Godard for a good cringe, I have seen G clam up and look uncomfortable before and I instantly feel like I’m watching a schoolboy.

  4. Have you seen this one?

  5. The Cavett interviews up on YouTube are mostly interesting and fun. I saw Elsa’s some time ago and it was charming. Quite a lady. Also saw Welles, and Bette Davis (sporting go-go boots, yet), and a number of rock stars of the time. Hadn’t seen Godard, but will look for it.

  6. Elsa and Laughton had a very complicated marriage. They worked together as stage and screen artists (“actors” is too limited a term) and were great friends. But he was gay and she resented this deeply — pushing her nose into his love affairs and scaring off prospective boyfriends. He put up with it but sometimes things got so bad he’d go to Chris and Don’s just to get away from her.

    Elsa wins Bonus Points by keeping all the rushes from The Night of the Hunter and donating them to UCLA. They form a spectacular record of the film and Laughton’s art — as he can be seen and heard in all of them.

  7. The decline of the chat show is one of the sad aspects of this modern age, along with the decline of democracy. I think the hosts and their writers still provide some OK entertainment in the US, but the interviews have become poor, weedy things compared to their golden age.

  8. Indeed. Jack Paar was the best. I learned all I needed to know about being an adult from watching Oscar Levant, Alexander King and Genevieve on his show. Not to mention Judy Garland.

  9. Our friend Randy is a great Paar booster — haven’t been able to see all that much of him yet.

    Will watch the Cassavetes-Falk and report back, Nini!

  10. Wow, the Cassavetes is kind of a car-wreck, isn’t it? Although I guess it does provide great character insight…

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