The Monday Intertitle: All Change


I see the influence of Gustave Dore’s print of Newgate Prison — which also influenced a shot in CLOCKWORK ORANGE.

Well, it seems that just by being so excited by being in America that I forgot what day of the week it is, the Sunday Intertitle is now the Monday Intertitle on a full-time basis. And why not?



Very excited to get my hands on a copy of VARIETE, the seminal example of “the unchained camera” from Germany — nice to see E.A> Dupont at his best, too, a fiery fresh talent raging to explode the constraints of cinema, rather a tired old man than going through his paces on dreck like THE NEANDERTHAL MAN.


But I haven’t watched it yet — still getting caught up with Greenwich Mean Time and getting used to the sudden breezy weather this side of the pond. Soon… the glimpse I have had indicates swirling camera moves, bold graphic compositions, low-life wallowing worthy of Sternberg, and a disgraceful picture quality which needs to be corrected with at least a DVD release. One for Masters of Cinema or Criterion? Am I jumping the gun, demanding such treatment for a movie I haven’t even watched yet? Maybe, but I don’t think so…

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