Ghost Stories


Over at The Forgotten, a look at the many and varied versions of Arnold Ridley’s comedy thriller stage warhorse THE GHOST TRAIN. Written before I went Hollywood and was ruined by success.

7 Responses to “Ghost Stories”

  1. Who could resist co-starring Richard “Stinker” Murdoch” of “Much Binding in the Marsh” fame?

  2. Is this the only movie with a credit for someone called “Stinker”?

  3. It was fun getting a sneak preview of this over the phone! Hope to meet you in person next trip, which I hope will be soon.

  4. I was unfamiliar enough with this story to expect “Ask A Policeman” to crop up (and then the execrable Cannon and Ball vehicle “Boys in Blue”.) Oh well. Stupidly, I only realised last week that smugglers pretending to be ghosts is in fact a real, historical thing, thanks to a visit to Rye. Ypres Tower Gaol had a list of real eighteenth-century smuggler aliases. My favourite: “Nasty Face”.

  5. Excellent! Val Guest worked on the Askey Ghost Train, as well as on Ask a Policeman and Boys in Blue, so there’s certainly a connection.

    The Scooby Doo scenario is perhaps best used in Fritz Lang’s Moonfleet, the best smuggler movie of all.

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