Havin’ a Heatwave

Sitting in the 99 Fahrenheit heat watching a six-year-old girl’s face contort in awe as she watches the trailer for ONE MILLION YEARS BC as my wife reads My Lunches with Orson and eats dried beans and a big golden retriever dismembers a bath towel in his powerful jaws. But when you read this I’ll probably be on an aeroplane en route to New York or London or eventually Edinburgh. More after touchdown.

6 Responses to “Havin’ a Heatwave”

  1. Nicola Hay Says:

    Wife?! Congratulations! All our love to you both!

  2. Jenny Eardley Says:

    Such mystery! Mucho congratulations David and Fiona.

  3. No mystery at all. David and Fiona were married by none other than Norman Lloyd!

    It doesn’t get any more fabulous.

  4. It’s true! Now we’re back home and can upload the photos… tomorrow, perhaps?

  5. This has to be the subject of a post! I’ll be spellbound… Congratulations, of course.

  6. david wingrove Says:

    And I was right! Congratulations and much love to you both!

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