The Monday Intertitle


HE WHO GETS SLAPPED with live accompaniment from the Alloy Orchestra. Somehow, my all-time favourite movie was at Telluride.

My favourite comment afterwards was from a teenager — “1924??? I thought it was new!” He was impressed, you understand.

I pounced on Werner Herzog — it occurred to me that Lon Chaney was the Kinski of the ’20s — the face and body so expressive of torment — and said, “I would be extremely interested to know what you thought of that.”

He said, “I liked it. It’s a good movie.”

OK, not a timeless epigram up to his best standard, but to be fair I hadn’t given him much time to digest the experience, In fact, thinking about it, it’s kind of a perfect capsule review. What else do you need to know?


I have so much to report from here and no time to do it, but as soon as I get home…

2 Responses to “The Monday Intertitle”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    You go to Telluride and they show your favourite film in your honour! How’s that for perfect timing?

    If they’re showing The Hunger or Death in Venice, I’ll come and join you.

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