Musidora muses


And amuses.

From Cinea magazine, run by Louis Delluc and considering Jean Epstein’s theory of “photogenie”

Musidora’s statement reads something like: “One must be “photogenic” from head to foot. After that it is allowed to have talent.”

Maybe I’ll just spend the rest of my life grabbing images from Lantern.

10 Responses to “Musidora muses”

  1. La Faustin Says:

    More Musidora, from Jacques Catelain (a repeat, but how can I resist?):

    “One evening, L’Herbier asks me to meet him at this star’s home … A bit intimidated, I ring the bell; the door is opened and my astonished eye discovers, opening directly on the landing, a room hung with purple velvet in the very center of which, facing the front door, is a vast divan covered with black bearskins. Better still, reclining on this divan, completely nude, of a marble whiteness that would bring the blush of envy to Canova’s Pauline Borghese or Manet’s celebrated Olympia, I see our hostess, motionless, eyes closed. By her side there is neither Negress nor bouquet, as in the painter’s canvas, but a sober man seated reading aloud some passages of the theatrical “Miracle” he is currently writing…”

  2. Class.

    It’s a shame she didn’t contribute more to the Natan debate. She’s one of the interviewees Henri Langlois spoke to, and when his name is mentioned, her only contribution is “Was he the man with the big teeth?” I think she may have confused him with Fernandel.

  3. Oh no, she was responding to Langlois mentioning the name of Natan. Langlois himself was a big person, but not dentally.

  4. La Faustin Says:

    In the old Paris Cinémathèque (at Trocadéro, before it moved out to Bercy) there was a large, baggy tomcat that patrolled from lobby to balcony. A clear case of transmigration.

  5. Off-Topic : The Great Canadian Filmmaker John Greyson Has Been Arrested in Cairo!

    Best case scenario: They send him packing. But there’s so much chaos over there I greatly fear for John’s life/

  6. I wouldn’t care to be in Egypt under any circumstances right now.

    In the excellent doco Phantom of the Cinematheque it is earnestly explained that in the weeks following Langlois’ death, figures resembling him were repeatedly spotted in vintage films screening at the Cinematheque.

  7. A number from John Greyson’s masterpiece

  8. That looks beautiful! And I love the little splashing sound effects.

  9. david wingrove Says:

    I was lucky enough to interview John Greyson around 20 years ago. He’s a gifted film-maker and a charming man…hope that he and his friends can extricate themselves from the mess that Egypt is becoming!

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