EIFF Aftershock

Run Wrake’s short film RABBIT, screened in the Scott Ward retrospective tribute at Edinburgh. I love the contrast of innocent design and wicked heart.


6 Responses to “EIFF Aftershock”

  1. If Dennis Cooper worked for Leon Schlesinger he might come up with something as darkly delightful as this.

    Meanwhile, off-topic but of major import —

    Latest FaBlog: Tsai Ming-Liang Explains It All For You

  2. That Anil Dash thing strikes me as insincere, a writer simply looking to get a reaction. He’s gotten one, but he’s also jettisoned any credibility he may have had, so I think he loses rather than gains.

    It’s just been pointed out to me that talented animator Run Wrake died last year, very prematurely, which makes the screening in honour of animation programmer Scott Ward even more sadly apt.

  3. I disagree. Dash is quite sincere. He’s speaking up for loathsome assholes everywhere — the Tarantino Generation.

  4. Well, if he means it, his arguments are demented.

    American audiences viewing Hollywood films are more vocal than they are here. I quite enjoy the whooping and shouting at the screen, though I wouldn’t appreciate it at every film — but that’s a form of direct engagement with the movie, the very opposite of texting and phoning.

    I’ve been to the cinema in Marrakech, where the phone chatter is non-stop because people are mainly attending for the air conditioning. When it’s a continuous background noise one sort of gets used to it, but it’s still a less enjoyable way to experience a movie, and thus one we should resist. Dash doesn’t mention that in India (and Morocco), cinema prices are much cheaper…

  5. Any excuse to post this. I love Key and Peele. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntfProwNYkE

  6. That sort of response seems to actually exist at Cannes, where there’s an utterly childish tradition of boo-ing unpopular films.

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