The Sunday Intertitle: A New Thrill

An intertitle from MY STARS (1926).
Really incredible response to our film NATAN from Bertrand Tavernier, who writes ~
Sorry for the delay. I had to finish my film which will be shown at Toronto.
I just saw NATAN and loved it. It is a very moving, well reseached, thoughtful documentary, a destruction, a well documented refutation of all those lies and rumors which invaded so many books (specially all those “porn” films in which he was supposedly acting). Your film is merciless with those rumors (the faces do not look alike. It was not him) even with Professor Slade who is now saying the opposite of what he wrote. You found some great and wonderful documents (the speech of Natan about the cinema he wants to build in Lyon is great, some images of his trial with his voice dubbed) some brilliant montage with the clips of AUTOUR DE L’ARGENT. And there are many moving scenes : the letters of Natan, Serge Bromberg speaking about his grand father sent to Drancy (a surprise for me), the last revelation about Melies. Beautiful clips from LES CROIX DE BOIS and LES MISÉRABLES. […] 
Warmest regards
The Minister of Culture should put a plaque at Rue Francoeur, paying a tribute to Bernard Natan who was murdered by the French state.

11 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: A New Thrill”

  1. Fabulous! Tavernier is a mensch!

  2. That’s terrific!

  3. Love Tavernier, always have, but even more now!

  4. yes yes YES!!! what he said…

  5. A favourable response from Serge Bromberg (who’s in the film) also! Various bits of film fest news we’ll be able to share soon, too.

  6. Wow. If you needed a quote you certainly have one now.

  7. It’s praise from Caesar alright. The trouble with this kind of ego-boost is that it’s addictive and it’s never enough. Readers will be able to observe me via Shadowplay going crazy in real time if this carries on, or even if it doesn’t.

  8. …wow, very cool David – congrats!!!

  9. david wingrove Says:

    Glad that Tavernier likes it. That’s high praise indeed.

    But why does the great man feel that the porn rumours need so much refuting? I don’t believe them either…but even if Natan had done nothing BUT direct and star in porn movies, that would in no way justify stripping him of his French citizenship and killing him. The best reaction to such charges is a massive ‘SO WHAT?’

  10. It’s worth refuting the pornography charges because they were part of the original campaign which disgraced Natan and made him easy to kill. The fact that these comparatively trivial accusations still have currency so long afterwards is depressing, and though demonstrating Natan’s importance as a positive force in French film is more important, I think Tavernier is right to insist on clearing Natan on these charges which have overthrown his true reputation.

  11. david wingrove Says:

    Must admit that half of me just wants to say; “So, he was a pornographer, get over it!”

    Even though I’m fairly convinced he wasn’t…

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