Le Clair-Obscur


On the subject of put-downs, Ambrose Bierce observed that “for every man, there is something in the vocabulary that would stick to him like a second skin. His enemies have only to find it.”

Over at the first fortnightly edition of The Forgotten, we encounter a filmmaker who was memorably re-christened by an opponent in just that fashion. So successfully was he insulted that I encountered the insult long before I saw a single frame he shot.

Thanks to Lenny Borger for telling me about the insult.

7 Responses to “Le Clair-Obscur”

  1. My French hasn’t deteriorated completely, I got the pun!

  2. and a mike jittlov joke!

  3. Oh yes! Gotta love Jittlov!

  4. DBenson Says:

    Robert Benchley, during his drama critic days, quipped “Guido Nazzo is nazzo guido”. The throwaway pan was so widely repeated that the actor had to change his name and Benchley felt guilty about it, reportedly trying to help the actor reboot his career.

  5. A good job Rob Cummings is no longer among us, or I might feel similar pangs about calling him the Butcher of Strasbourg. Not that it’s actually caught on, but I live in hope.

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