If all goes according to plan…



I will be having lunch today with a man who has greatly influenced my cinematic outlook. He’s doing the cooking, so that part should be fine.

15 Responses to “If all goes according to plan…”

  1. Vanwall Says:


  2. Colin M Says:

    More than jealous.

  3. Give him our love!

    Just saw Petulia again the other day. Astonishing that it was ever made.

  4. Carl LaFong Says:

    Fallon is the champion!

  5. This is brilliant. What did he cook?

  6. thefanwithnoname Says:

    HOLY CRAP David – I/m so, so envious!!! I hope you can give us a full report!!!

  7. I don’t know how full a report I can give. There’s definitely bits that are off-limits. But I hope I can share some of it. I certainly had a fabulous and fascinating time. Just got back.

  8. There’s a story that MTV dubbed him the father of the music video, and he demanded a paternity test. Lester himself recounts the story on the HDN DVD, honest enough to admit he didn’t remember saying it but really wishing he did.

  9. Man, how I would love to hear straight from him the inside scoop on what really took place once it was decided to cut the MUSKETEER film into two seperate films!!! I met Ilya Salkind once at the annual Superman Celebration held in Metropolis, IL, a few years back and attempted to pump him with detailed questions but eventhough he was impressed with my knowledge he kept evading me with very genreric answers that didn’t answer anything!!! And Michael York has actually be in my town a couple of times (for some museum events) and I totally missed out on getting a chance to chat with him – aaaargh!!! Well, anything you can share about your time with Mr. Lester will certainly be appreciated!!!

  10. Michael York lives here in L.A. and I’ve talked with him frequently, but never about the Musketeers movies. The next time I see him I will.

  11. Best Scene in A Hard Day’s Night

  12. That is really cool. Petulia’s great, and I also love Juggernaut. He’s one of the few Americans classy enough to be able to live in Britain.

  13. Fiona W Says:

    I think he’s become an honorary Brit along with Terry Gilliam.

  14. He’s certainly got class, but I question whether you actually need that to inhabit the UK. After all, *I* live here.

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