A fancy dress conga line could be the ultimate metaphor for cinema, or it could be just a random frame grab taken in desperation. Either way, the film it’s taken from, LUMIERE D’ETE, forms part of this week’s edition of The Forgotten, concentrating on Edinburgh International Film Festival’s retrospective of the works of Jean Gremillon.

Note: unless you’re logged in to MUBI, you may find the link doesn’t work and the article is very hard to find. So join MUBI! Meanwhile we’ll try to fix the link.

8 Responses to “Masquerade”

  1. Lumiere d’ete is my favorite Gremillion. I also recommend Pattes Blanche

    It would be nice if your next “Forgotten” dealt with Gremillion fan Paul Vecchiali, but I’m not sure you’re familiar with his work. Few are. It’s almost never mentioned, but right in the middle of Saden revels in Pasolini’s Salo Sonia Saviange and Helene Surgere stop and do a scene from Vecchilai’s most famous film Femmes Femmes before getting back to dirty business.

  2. Vecchiali is on my radar but I’ve yet to actually see anything. His major critical work on French cinema made us interested in talking to him for Natan, but like Marcel Ophuls he lives away from Paris and so it was difficult to get to him on our budget.

    Just saw Pattes Blanche and it’s magnificent — comparable to Lumiere D’Etes in the way it combines a documentary sense of place with a Cocteauesque feeling for fantasy.

  3. Pattes Blanche has also been compared to the writings of Carson McCullers.

    Interesting that Vecchiali has moved out of Paris as it was his home turf for so many years. His specialty was making movies for very small amounts of money — sometimes on the “advance sur recette” alone.

    Besides Femmes Femmes seek out Corps a Coeur, La Machine, Change Pas de Mains and En Haute des Marches with Danielle Darrieux (He’s a humungous Darrieux fan ad owns the world’s largest personal collection of Darrieux stills.)

    Similarly Forgotten is his protégé Jean-Claude Guiguet ,writer director of delicate low-key dramas Les Belles Manieres, Faubourg St. Martin and Les Passagers. The last mentioned is highly regarded by Jean-Luc Godard.

    Guiguet died of AIDS

  4. I have a copy of Fauburg St-Martin to watch, the rest I haven’t come across. Vecchiali films with subtitles are slowly becoming available to me…

    Apparently Julie Christie and her husband tried to get in to see L’Etrange M Victor, but it was sold out. I would have gladly sacrificed my own ticket… but it would have been even better to have enjoyed the film with her, in the tiny Filmhouse 3. (JC is tiny too!)

  5. david wingrove Says:

    We have a Vecchiali film at home. Can’t remember the title – but judging from a quick chapter-skip it verges on hardcore porn! Is that atypical? Still haven’t had a chance to see it.

  6. I don’t think it’s typical, but it doesn’t entirely surprise me either!

  7. Could you be referring to THIS ?

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