BREATHING EARTH: SUSUMU SHINGU’S DREAM plays Edinburgh International Film Festival on Wednesday (and again on Sunday). It’s the new film from Thomas Riedelsheimer, previously creator of documentaries about landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy and percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Shingu, the star of this show, is a sculptor whose kinetic work interacts with wind and water currents, dancing with nature. Riedelsheimer’s camera joins the dance.

I’ve written about this film for the Festival catalogue, but I want to add a personal note here. Halfway through watching my preview disc, I had to pause it so I could rush outside and look at the sky, to see seagulls cut through the air, making the wind’s movements visible through their pathways. A friend speaks of “the sidewalk test” — does the world look different to you after seeing a movie? It’s a test that many movies fail, even many good movies. BREATHING EARTH is a very good movie indeed, and it has a particularly strong effect on the post-movie perceptions.

I can also add that Fiona watched it with me while going through a rough time with depression and anxiety and it was the most wonderfully soothing experience for her. What will it do for you?


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