The Merkel Worker


The Forgotten returns after Cannes fortnight, with a terrific movie of the pre-code era, suggested by regular Shadowplayer La Faustin — BEAUTY FOR SALE.

Above, Una Merkel strikes a suggestive pose. Which reminded me of something another regular Shadowplayer had mentioned. Mark Medin informed me that Merkel can be seen topless in a stag film of the twenties which is quoted in Kevin Brownlow and David Gill’s majestic and otherwise largely non-pornographic documentary series Hollywood.

Here she is —


Beyond a strong (facial) resemblance and the fact that the nudie cutie star can actually act, we can’t PROVE it’s her, I guess. But it definitely is her. Glad to report that the film is innocuous and inoffensive, and hopefully served as an alternative to the casting couch rather than a development of it.

6 Responses to “The Merkel Worker”

  1. Jeff Gee Says:

    Cute, but no Maya Deren…

  2. or Joan Crawford.

  3. Randy Cook Says:

    “Golly. Shucks.” — Og Oggilby

  4. Christopher Says:

    so glad it wasn’t una O’Conner..


  6. There’s a delightful on-set account of Uma doing a nervous dance on the half-shell, and Gilliam watching amazed as a cartoon he animated twenty years earlier for Monty Python suddenly came to 3D life…

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