The Trail of Natan


Our serial photoplay, THE TRAIL OF THE OCTOPUS, gets pushed back to Friday this week, as I bring you exciting news.

NATAN, the new feature documentary about legendary/infamous/forgotten film producer Bernard Natan, directed by Paul Duane and myself, will screen at Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 23rd and 29th. We’re very excited about this, of course. Paul’s flying over, and we’re hoping at least one of M. Natan’s granddaughters will also be in attendance, along with some of the crew from our Edinburgh shoot.

The supporting short is Daniela Abke’s THE PIONEER, a beautiful documentary about Alice Guy, the first woman film director.

My relationship with the Festival goes back decades — as audience member seeing BLADE RUNNER and ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST there, as student filmmaker, short filmmaker, journalist and print viewer and submissions editor. This is kind of my first time topping the bill!

Another person strongly associated with the Fest was Scott Ward, who programmed animation there for many years. He photographed our Edinburgh studio sequence, and this was his last job before his death early this year from cancer. The screening — and all future screenings — will be dedicated to him.


8 Responses to “The Trail of Natan”

  1. judydean Says:

    Congratulations, David. I’ll definitely be buying a ticket.

  2. Did you say “Blade Runner”?

  3. Christopher Says:

    congratulations! ;o)….good o..

  4. La Faustin Says:

    What’s the French for “squee”?

  5. It’s too exciting! Now if Paul and I can only agree on a poster design…

  6. La Faustin Says:

    Popular vote on the Natan Facebook page?

  7. We don’t yet have rival designs. One of us is still searching, and knocking back proposals, while the other seizes on everything suggested. We’ll get there!

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