Bloody Red Baron


BARON BLOOD, reviewed by me, over at Electric Sheep.

Arrow’s outstanding Blu-Ray does the right thing by this comparatively minor Mario Bava Gothic tale, offering two versions of the movie, a Tim Lucas commentary, and supporting essays.

This was one of the first Bava movies I saw, on a VHS from Redemption Video (not pictured). All the maestro’s movies improve massively when seen in good quality transfers (or original prints), and this one is no exception — the films really are demonstrations of the art of cinematography.

Don’t forget that you can order Bava’s seminal BLACK SABBATH, featuring liner notes by your friend and humble narrator, also released by Arrow and with equally lavish treatment.

Black Sabbath [Blu-ray]


15 Responses to “Bloody Red Baron”

  1. Whenever I see Elke Sommer I think of the subtitles Frank O’Hara provided for Alfred Leslie’s The Last Clean Shirt (1964) one of which read “Elke Sommer Elks summer in Sweden.”

  2. The poetry of the streets!

  3. Christopher Says:

    I remember someone telling me that they took a lobby card from Baron Blood to an autograph show for Joseph Cotton to sign..but when he handed it to Cotton for him to sign,his wife hovering over said to him in a rather bitchy tone,”You don’t have to sign that!”.. :o/

  4. That anecdote appears on the disc — I think it’s Tim Lucas’s story. That charming southern gentleman went ahead and signed the offending item anyway.

    I think Cotten makes more sense as a good guy in Dr Phibes than as a bad guy in Baron Blood. His devilry seems forced.

  5. Christopher Says:

    that’s who it is I bet..!!..yep..he may have told that on FB….Cottens’ a kind of poor mans-Vincent Price when it comes to horror.

  6. And yet, a much more valued player in any other genre. There are actors I enjoy seeing in trashy stuff, and Price is one, and actors where I feel a bit sad for them doing something they must have felt was beneath their dignity: Cotten is in that camp.

  7. Christopher Says:

    I like some of the euro films,The Hellbenders comes to mind right away..but you do gotta wonder..what happened?..hes still good… Those euro genre films must have been a fast and sure way to make a buck between calls from Hollywood..who doesn’t call much anymore..even fellow Mercury don,Orson Welles did a few.
    Cotton was in some damn fine films in his day.

  8. david wingrove Says:

    This was the first Bava film I ever saw. Fantastic!

  9. I think I’d seen Mask of Satan and Lisa and the Devil on BBC2’s Film Club, introduced by Kim Newman in a cape. Then, for ten years, nothing, then the VHS rental of Baron Blood from Azad Video on Leith Walk. Which didn’t encourage me. Planet of the Vampires got viewed around then too — gripping as design/photography, not so much as story. It was buying a defective tape of a heavily-censored Blood and Black Lace that convinced me of the Bava genius.

  10. david wingrove Says:

    The Whip and the Body is still the ultimate!

  11. It’s good — and I need to watch the lovely DVD — but I tend towards Black Sabbath as the most beautiful. I like Blood and Black Lace a lot, and Lisa and the Devil is clearly the ne plus ultra of something or other. Also recommend: Rabid Dogs and Hatchet for the Honeymoon are unexpectedly strong on plot, Shock! is one of the scariest, The Girl Who Knew Too Much is a lot of fun.

  12. david wingrove Says:

    In fact, the only Bava film I disliked was FIVE DOLLS FOR AN AUGUST MOON. A pity it’s so bad! The title is fabulous and the cheesy 70s fashion is BEYOND fabulous!

  13. I want to see it again. The ending seemed to belong to a completely different narrative… I want to study it closely in case it’s a concealed masterpiece. It does look lovely and on DVD it might look so lovely that that’s enough. I think I already like it better than Baron B.

  14. Kim Newman in a cape introducing THE MASK OF SATAN? I actually taped that. Hah!! And incidentally, after 24 years, I uploaded said intro to YouTube recently:

  15. Well done! I love his tentative little hand gestures. So demure for a man in a Dracula cape.

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