Trojan Horse: A Negative Space Odyssey


Image via If Charlie Parker Were a Gunslinger…

Surely you’ve all noticed it — the opening image of Kubrick’s BARRY LYNDON features the concealed image of a cartoon horse.



Artist’s impression.

You can see it now, surely?

I think we can agree that Kubrick placed this image there to apologise for the shooting of the racehorse in THE KILLING, or to express his admiration for the Grand National winner Red Rum (later the subject of a more blatant homage in THE SHINING) or as a tribute to his friend Slim Pickens who owned a horse with a perpetually indignant expression, called Alan.

7 Responses to “Trojan Horse: A Negative Space Odyssey”


  2. The makers of Mr Ed really didn’t believe in the idea of a slow build-up, did they? One would have thought that, if a talking horse is all you got, holding back on it might be a good idea.

  3. But have you ever noticed that Ol’ Ed’s stall number is … 237 ?

  4. John Seal Says:

    Even more freakishly, I’m in the middle of reading William Thackeray’s Memoirs of Barry Lyndon, Esq. RIGHT NOW, and horses do indeed figure in the story!!

  5. You astound me!

    I’m reading Kubrick’s Napoleon script. He rarely mentions horses in it, but you just know they’re there.

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