Flame On


Ever notice that the worst spoilers are those contained in movie titles? Wouldn’t we rather be surprised that THE GREAT GATSBY features a guy named Gatsby who some people think is pretty great? Wouldn’t we rather see DAYS OF WIND AND ROSES without knowing in advance that the action covers a time period greater than twenty-four hours, and that alcohol is imbibed? I would, and I’m not going to stop shouting about it until somebody does something.

While the first movie of DW Griffith (as actor), RESCUED FROM AN EAGLE’S NEST probably takes the biscuit, and long scholarly works have been devoted to pondering just what Robert Bresson was thinking of when he gave away the outcome of A MAN ESCAPED in the title A MAN ESCAPED, I think the 1909 epic NERO: OR THE FALL OF ROME bears favorable comparison with those dead giveaways. Rome falls, and Nero has something to do with it. And if you head over to The Forgotten, care of the Daily Notebook, I’ll give away the rest.

2 Responses to “Flame On”

  1. Off-Topic, But. . .

    I forgot to include this entry in the recent Shadowplay Jesus-Palooza

  2. Coogan will soon be gracing our screens as porn magnate Paul Raymond. He does bring out the best in Michael Winterbottom, or perhaps I should say he brightens Winterbottom’s films until they are tolerable.

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